Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to have a table at the Fraser Valley Wedding Swap?

A. Only $25 for an 8′ table for former Brides and $200 for Professional Business Vendors (limited availability).

Q. How do I register for a table?

A. Complete the Table Registration Form and send it by email along with your e-transfer payment to fvweddingswap@gmail.com.

Q. I don’t live in the Fraser Valley.  Can I still register for a table and participate in the Swap?

A.  All are welcome, from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley and everywhere in between!

Q. I only have a few things to sell.  Can I share a table with someone I know?

A. Yes, you can share a table and split the cost.  If you don’t know someone, contact us to help connect you with another person wanting to share space.

Q. I only want to sell my wedding dress at the Swap, should I rent a table?

A. No, this type of event is not ideal to sell your wedding dress and there is no wedding dress consignment option, sorry.

Q. How much should I sell my items for?

A. Keep in mind that getting rid of your items is the main goal of the day.  While you don’t have to give your items away for free, a significant reduction in the value of what you originally paid (40-50% off) would not be uncommon.  Ultimately, you set your own prices.

Q. I want to be through the doors as early as possible, what time are they open?

A. General admission begins at 10:30am and costs $5 per person (children are free!).  You are welcome to stay as long as you’d like, but we do end our event at 1pm.

Q. What type of payments will be accepted at the show?

A.  Because this is a community based event, most local Brides selling their wedding items will prefer CASH, and some Professional Vendors may accept other types of payments, such as debit or credit.  Come prepared for either.  We accept cash only for entry into the show.

Q. Do I have to be at the Swap in order to win a door prize?

A.  No.  Once you have paid for your entry into the Swap, you can enter your name, email address and phone number on a ballot for the door prizes available at each Vendor’s table, if provided.  Enjoy the Swap, leave when you want, and winners will be contacted after the Swap.

Q. If all my wedding items sell before the show is over at 1pm, do I have to stay until the end of the day?

A.  No you do not, if and only if, all your wedding items are sold.  You are welcome to pack up and enjoy the rest of the day, cash in hand.

Q. I like to shop until I drop.  Will you have any refreshments available for purchase?

A. We won’t have any food sales in the Sullivan Community Hall, sorry.


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